Audition for SPINES! (Possible Spoilers Below)

We are seeking voice actors for two parts, listed below. Must have access to reasonably good recording equipment and a space in which to record. If you are interested in auditioning, please record the sample lines on the microphone you would be using to record the part. Both parts involve discussion of violent, dark, and disturbing content, so voice actors must be comfortable with such themes. Please send your audition recording to and include Audition+[Name of Character] in the subject line.


Black woman, late twenties to early thirties. Winry is nerdy, quick-thinking, high-energy, a gifted scientist and researcher. Her scenes will take place during times of intense stress, in which she will be struggling to maintain her composure and talk her way out of a life-threatening situation.

Sample Lines: I should have told Wren or Shan or somebody about this. Ok, that was dumb, I admit it, but I knew they’d try to stop me. But, look, I want you to know I wasn’t focused on sabotage or assassination or anything like that. I didn’t break in here to hurt you or any of your people. I just wanted to help the prisoners.


Man, mid-to-late twenties, multiethnic background. Zachary is strong, a survivor, but he is also coping with extreme trauma. Zachary’s scenes will involve recalling traumatic events and trying to keep his emotions under control.

Sample Lines: If you’re listening to this, then you already know what happened in the attic. The blood, the Skull Man, the fire. I won’t get into any of that. I’ll start from the part where my story and Wren’s story split into two. Wren killed the Skull Man, and then the fire started. I grabbed her hand, and all I thought about was getting her to safety. But then we ran down the stairs and onto the street, and her hand slipped out of mine. I can’t even describe how that felt. Like losing a limb.

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